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Welding inevitably contaminated develop smoke, which represent a health hazard to employees. The employer is legally obliged to employ the latest of welding technology to minimize pollution. FOCUS has the new pulse welding process the welding technology specialist REHM GmbH. PULSE on the market brought more than half less harmful welding smoke compared with a conventional spray arc produced. hack call of duty heroes android These results were measured together with the Institute of welding and joining the University of Aachen. Who wants to seriously implement the legislation on occupational safety must be viewed the current pulse welding technology.

Welding processes and related techniques (thermal spraying, thermal cutting and soldering) harmful emitted smoke. Höherkonzentriert the smoke particles are UNSAT. cheat call of duty heroes As prescribed in the Labour Protection Act, employers are required to identify all hazards that may occur on the professional activity, before starting work, to evaluate and to take appropriate measures to avoid or reduce the risk. The precedence of the precautions for the protection of employees is accurately determined by the legislator: Zuforderst need to apply company welding techniques and employ additional materials that correspond to the latest state of the art. This primary action secondary sin hygienic, organizational and technical ventilation precautions and protective measures of personal nature, such as the use call of duty heroes android hack of breathing masks.

Employers call of duty android hack are obliged to take action. Compliance with the measures is the responsibility of the employer, he can but also people with authority, as master or production manager in writing instruct the task the load in each case must be determined concentration of toxic substances in the air call of duty heroes mod apk at the workplace.

Experimental investigation of the emission rates of different power sources. REHM's engineers looked at the rates of smoke emission of a number of power sources and procedures compared in cooperation with call of duty heroes mod apk Fügetechnikforschern from Aachen. To experimentally determine the values were each similar combinations determines several welding operations of parameters carried out and collected the resulting smoke with a DIN-EN-ISO 15011-compliant suction hood on glass fiber filters. The rest masses were determined by weighing and differential pressure and welding time normalized so that an among themselves similar emission rate with the unit mg/s. The respondent measured data were compared, that the fume emission in the arc types varies significantly. When welding with Sprühlichbogen, the call of duty android hack tool emergence of welding fumes can be reduced through a short set arc. In contrast, it can cause pulse arc welding a clearly pronounced variance of in smoke development rates. Long setting of pulse arc the fume emission rate corresponds to approximately the emission at the Sprühlichbogen. With a short pulse arc welding smoke generation can be reduced significantly. The device developed by REHM MEGA. Pulse FOCUS, the the welding process FOCUS call of duty heroes cheats. Pulse contains, occurred less than 3 mg / s welding fumes in the investigation. A comparison welding device for pulse technique produced 3.8 mg / s and thus 31 per cent smoke under the same conditions. As the comparison system of a further competitor, developed 3.6 mg / s smoke.

More than 50 percent of less welding fumes during pulse welding call of duty heroes hack. If a pulse welding machine is optimally adjusted welding smoke generation by more than 50 percent can be reduced compared to a conventional Sprühlichbogen. When a wire feed speed of 10 m / min, a voltage of about 26 V and currents to 260 A was at the MEGA. Pulse FOCUS a value of 2.87 ± 0.24 mg / s measured. The competitor device which comes this value to the next, came to 6.04 ± 0.36 mg / s. This has the result that the FOCUS. Pulse Rehm about 50 percent less smoke than a welding machine generated with spray arc. Variances between the processes of comparison to measure were noticeably higher, currents, speeds and voltages. So, lower emission rates resulted in a wire feed rate of 12 m / min, a voltage of 30 V and currents around 300 A still by a third (2.72 ± 0.34 mg / s to 4.80 ± 0.32 mg / s) for the REHM-welding processes..
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